Our Repair cost is the LowestVisit Charges CAD30 only

Our engineers are experienced in repairs of:
1) PCs/ Laptops/ Desktops
2) IP TV
3) Home Networks & WiFi
4) Home Printers
5) Home Media Servers
6) Home Network Cabling Services
7) CCTV Services

We endeavour to carry out repairs on the same day!

Need help? Talk to an expert Contact With Us For Any Advice

  +1 (800) 607-6838

Need help setting up a new device? We’ve got you covered there too!

Our team can walk you through all the necessary steps to ensure everything is set up correctly and properly. Whether it’s desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Internet TVs, Home Theaters, Media Servers, Wifi Routers, or Video Conferencing equipment we can provide all the support required for a smooth setup.

Home Cabling Services

Our experts Plan the network layout for you, choose the right cables, and use quality cables/connectors. Take proper safety precautions, label the cables, and test the network after installation, so that your network serves you well for a long time

Home CCTV/ NVR Setups

We ensure your cameras at home are positioned strategically to cover all entry points, blind spots, and high-risk areas. We give you suggestions for a right solutions for recording and Storage of your footage securely and for the desired amount of time.

Setup Media Servers

Choosing a right media server at home allows you to centralize your media collection and stream it to multiple devices throughout your home. This provides easy access to your media files and eliminates the need for physical storage devices, such as CDs and DVDs.