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Our Server Maintenance Services We Guaranty the Best on-site Support

Our engineers are experienced in Installation & Maintenance of:
1) Servers Maintenance Services
2) Network Configuration (Layer2/ Layer3/ Layer6)
3) Wifi6 enabled Access Points/ Heat Maps
4) Firewalls/ Unified Threat Management(UTM)/ Load Balancers)
5) Enterprise CCTV Systems
6) Storage Servers
4) Security Audits

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Need help setting up a new device? We’ve got you covered there too!

Our team can walk you through all the necessary steps to ensure everything is set up correctly and properly. Whether it’s desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Internet TVs, Home Theaters, Media Servers, Wifi Routers, or Video Conferencing equipment we can provide all the support required for a smooth setup. Our Server Maintenance Services are the most reliable in entire Greater Vancouver Area.

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Servers Repair/ Troubleshooting

Our engineers can reach your site anywhere in Greater Vancouver area within 2 hours and resolve any server related hardware or software issues.

Laptop Repair/ Troubleshooting

Our engineers can resolve on-site any kind of hardware issue like Screen malfunctioning, Keyboard malfunctioning, USB ports not working or Windows Troubleshooting.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We maintain all kind of office equipments like Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Network Switches, Network Cabling, Software support, Software Troubleshooting, Printers, Video Conferencing equipment,

Maintenance Services on Call/ Visit

Our mobile engineers can reach your site in Greater Vancouver Area within 2 hours and resolve your issues. We can get you back to operations within hours.

Printer Repair

We repair all kind of inkjet printers/ laser printers/ line printers we have all the spares and technical skills required. We repair printers from HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Pantum, Epson, Zebra

CCTV Services

We maintain all kinds of CCTV installations from Honeywell, Bosch, Panasonic, Google, Pelco etc.

Anti Virus Support

Our engineers can give you on-site (In critical scenarios) or remote support for all your Anti-Virus/ Anti-Malware/ Adware related issues

Firewalls & Cybersecurity

Our expert and experienced engineers can help you with the configuration and troubleshooting of all kinds of cybersecurity equipment like Firewall, NAC Devices, Network Load Balancers, Application Load Balancers.

Windows Trouble Shooting

We have a team of expert engineers who can perform all kind of windows troubleshooting on site or remotely.

Wireless Networking

Our experts have been trained on how to setup Wireless controllers, NAC, Access points and VPNs for all your requirements. Creating safe guest network and guest onboarding portals.

Network Cabling

Our cabling team is expert and certified for all kinds of cabling within office, within factories or within the showrooms. We have engineers for CAT5/ CAT6/ Cat6A or low voltage circuits. Our cable management solutions within the datacenter are most popular with our clients for saving lots of space and cutting the clutter of cables in the datacenter

Data Recovery

Don't lose hope when you lose your data - our professional data recovery services can retrieve your valuable files and memories. From hard drives to flash drives and more, our team uses advanced techniques to recover data from a wide range of devices. We can recover data from your totally damaged hard drives, Our data recovery services also useful in recovering data from the cloud servers and storages.